Details and Code of Discipline for online Zoom Classes

Hello Everyone,

Here are the links for each teacher and class:  You simply follow your timetable as per- normal.

I would also strongly recommend that you continue to Study during your usual study time throughout the day.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • If possible, at least 25 minutes before your zoom class commences begin looking over notes to get yourself accustomed to the subject.
  • Once the zoom class is over and you have a study period, could you continue working on the topic. Rewrite your notes from the class
  • Has the topic you were covering came up in a previous Leaving Cert year? Check your exam papers to see how the questions were framed.
  • If teachers are working off notes that you haven’t received, they are on our Padlet page.

When signing in to Zoom classes make sure Zoom is set to display your full name!

Classroom Links

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5

Room 6

Reminder to keep checking Padlet

Documents from teachers are being constantly uploaded on Padlet. Any problems don’t hesitate to ring me 087 637 95 90 or email

Student – Code of Discipline for online Zoom Classes

Sign in on time for the class session. When signing in to Zoom classes make sure zoom is set to display your full name 

  • A class attendance will be taken at the beginning of every Zoom class.
  • Make sure the camera is facing towards you with a blank background
  • Report to zoom class properly groomed and dressed for class
  • Posture before the camera must be conducive to active learning and participation (e.g., no reclining). The student’s full face must be visible in the camera frame.
  • As expected of any class interaction, participants are to treat each other with courtesy and respect.
  • Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication. This extends to emails, discussion postings, group projects, and submitted assignments which may be part of or an extension of the Zoom interaction.
  • Use of any profanity – written, drawn, displayed, or spoken – during a class is unacceptable.
  • Taking screenshots or screen recordings of virtual classrooms without the explicit permission from the teacher and class members is unacceptable.
  • Mobile phones and all electronic devices should be removed from the room before the class begins

Disciplinary Action for Unacceptable Behaviour 

  • Disruptions to an online / Zoom session may lead to the removal of the student from a remote learning session for part or the entire session.
  • Repeated disruption will be reported to management and may lead to suspension from all online classes.

Any deviation or persistent deviation from the code above may result in suspension or expulsion from the college.