Irish/Gaeilge (H)

1 Sep 2019

The following areas relating to the Leaving Certificate Honours Irish Paper will be covered during the Christmas Revision Course at Leinster Senior College, Newbridge.

  • Poetry – Mo Ghrá-sa (Idir Lúibíní) –ideally to be revised by student before course
  • Prose – Dís, An Gnáthrud – ideally to be revised by student before course
  • Aural – notes, vocabulary tape scripts and dialect guides
  • Comprehension – Question 6b
  • Oral – Sraith Pictiúr – Notes on a selection of most challenging sequences, phonetically labelled poems for Oral recitation section
  • Essays – tips and sample introduction and conclusion for essay. Guidance on content and layout, notes on various themes, sample essays
  • Comhrá (conversation) – key topical questions and answers
Irish/Gaeilge (H) - Leinster Senior College