Irish Higher for 6th Years

22 Apr 2019

The following areas relating to the Leaving Certificate Honours Irish (Gaeilge) Papers will be covered during the 6th year Pre Back to School Course Day at Leinster Senior College, Newbridge.

An Bealtriail (Oral Exam) (40% of exam marks)

  • Notes and practice in using commonly asked conversation questions. Additional topics on contemporary social themes will also be taught, with notes provided on associated vocabularly and verbs.
  • Notes and accompanying recordings of 8 Oral picture sequences (for pictures 11-20).
  • Advice for strategies for communication and guiding the conversation to link in with prepared themes.
  • Linguistic strategies for improving any oral response are also taught

Cluastuiscint (Aural)

  • Notes and strategies for decoding the 3 main dialects. This section is worth 10% of one’s overall grade.

Filíocht (Poetry)

  • Geibheann (More to follow)

Téacs (Text)

  • Sample Answers provided on ‘An Triail’ and ‘A Thig Ná Tit Orm’
Irish Higher for 6th Years - Leinster Senior College