Irish Higher for 5th years

22 Apr 2019

The following areas relating to the Leaving Certificate Honours Irish Course will be covered during the 5th year Pre Back to School Course Day at Leinster Senior College, Newbridge.

Pros (Prose)

  • ‘An Gnáthrud’

Scannán (Film)

  • Caca Milis

Filíocht (Poetry)

  • ‘Gribheann’

Comprehensive notes and sample answers on each topic are provided, including relevant quotations from the prose and film components.

An Bealtriail (Oral Exam) (40% of exam marks)

  • The school welcomes students with all abilities in Oral Irish.
  • Commonly asked Oral conversation topics will be prepared and practiced.
Irish Higher for 5th years - Leinster Senior College