7 Jan 2019

The following areas relating to the Leaving Certificate History Paper will be covered during the Easter Revision Course at Leinster Senior College.

The United States and the World 1945 – 1989

  • The presidency from Roosevelt to Reagan
  • Foreign Policy including the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam
  • The US Economy 1945 – 1989
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott and Race Relations
  • Changes in US Society 1945 – 1989

Case Study Revision

  • Government, Economy and Society in the Republic of Ireland 1949 – 1989

Revision Course will include tips and essay writing techniques.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a Revision Course, please ensure that you check carefully that these are the topics/options that you have studied in your own school before signing up for this course.

History - Leinster Senior College