14 Jun 2019

INTERVIEW DAY : Saturday 22nd June. We are currently accepting applications for 5th and 6th year admissions for September 2019. (Please note: A waiting list applies for 6th year places. Limited 5th yr places remaining). Interviews also possible on other suitable days by appointment.

New Student Admissions for September 2019 / 2020
Formal application takes the form of an interview process. We will meet with the parents and the prospective student to discuss the application. To make an appointment for interview, discuss your options or explore possibilities please call Karl or Bernard on 045 487 811  / 087 637 9590 or contact us here.

(Leinster Senior College is a small private secondary school located in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. The College is fee paying and caters for 5th year, 6th year and Repeat Leaving Certificate students).

New Students – Enrolment 2019 - Leinster Senior College