9 Apr 2020

Pre –  Leaving Cert Exam Timetable

DCG: 6th April {Mon} at  10.00 am

French:  14th April {Tues} at 10.00 am

German:  14th April {Tues} at 2.00 pm

Irish H Paper 1: 15th April {Wed} at 10.00 am

Accounting:  16th April {Thurs} at 2.00 pm

Home Economics: 16th April {Thurs} at 10.00 am

Maths H  and O Paper 1: 17th April {Fri} at 10.00 am

Maths H and O Paper 2: 18th April {Sat} at 10.00 am

Art: 17th April {Fri} 2 pm – 3 pm  {Life Drawing}

Music: 20th April {Mon} at  2.00 pm

Economics 20th  April {Mon}  at 9.30 am

Agricultural Science: 21st April {Tues} at 10.00 am

Irish H Paper 2: 22nd April {Wed} at 10.00 am

Business:  23rd April {Thurs} at 9.30 pm

Chemistry 24th April {Friday}  at 10.00 am

Biology: 25th April {Sat}  at 10.00 am

Construction: 27th April at 10.00 am

Art: History 1st May {Fri} 10.00 am – 12.30 pm

History: 4th May {Mon} at 10.00 am

Geography: 6th May {Wed} at 10.00 am

English paper 2: 9th May {Sat}  at 10.00 am

Keep reviewing your Assignments, Notes and Videos on Padlet – Log on and Keep up the Effort with your Study.

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