23 Jun 2017

Congratulations you have just completed your Leaving Cert

Next step

Make sure your CAO has been filled out correctly, you still have till 1st July {17.15} to change your mind.  It’s critical you don’t put all your eggs into one basket, allow yourself a couple of back-up College courses.

Below is a helpful reminder when re-considering your choice :

1. Choose Courses not Colleges

Many students get so fixed on going to a particular college that they only pick courses in that college. As a result, every year thousands of students drop out of courses that they have no interest in. Do your research now and pick courses that you are genuinely interested in.

2. Don’t concentrate solely on Points

Remember points go up as well as down and it happens that student’s results can be vastly different to what they expected. Again, choose based on preference, not points. Forget the idea that you should do a high points course just because you got high points. Do a course you are genuinely interested in regardless of points. You’ll be happier in the long run and you’ll do better at something you’re interested in.

3. Put your courses in order of Genuine Preference

Fill in the course you most want as No. 1, and 2nd preference as No. 2 and so on to choice No. 10. Make sure you have researched every course on your list. Remember it does happen that students could be offered their 9th choice on the list. Also, don’t forget to fill in another ten level 6/7 courses.

 4. Research, Research, Research

Do you know what you’ll be studying in each of the courses you select? Can you fulfil the basic entry requirements for every course you put down?  If you’re unsure check out the college’s website, or

Karl Hegarty
Leinster Senior College

CAO Change of Mind - 1st July - Leinster Senior College